What To Do On Your Second Date

Some people who are about to go on their second date have difficulty deciding what to do and where to go, to make it as successful as their first date. The second date is important because it can either win you a third date or lose you the person you are interested in. Below are a few tips on what you can do on your second date. Even though men and women are different, these tips are for both genders.

The most important thing during your second date (as it was on the first date), is still to be yourself. Most people forget to act naturally and by the end of the date you end up looking a confused muddle of different people. Let your date love who you really are and don’t pretend to be someone else. Being natural also makes your date more comfortable with you. Try to relax and take it easy on the alcohol so you can focus on your date and be more your true self.

After making your date feel comfortable, the second thing that you should do is to try to avoid any awkward moments. As a dating rule, it is important that you do whatever is necessary to make sure that your date is relaxed and free to talk to you about any topic.

Going out on a second date is a chance to prove that you are a worthy companion. For example, you might want to pick up your date rather than giving her directions to where you are meeting. It is always best to arrive together on the second date and not to arrive earlier than the other person.

Old Fashioned Romance

The second date should be different from the first date. That means trying not to do the same things that you did on your first date. However, do not try to do anything that either of you cannot handle or manage. Furthermore, if your date is not interested do not force him or her rather move on to something else.

Other Important Things You Should Do On Your Second Date

The second date is also important step to getting to know each other better. That means asking questions about each other and being honest with your date. If you need to think about your answers that’s okay not everyone can have answers ready instantly. You should maintain eye contact, which is a way of showing that you have confidence. However, the most important thing is to have fun.

Another important thing to remember is to compliment your date. However, it is advisable that you do not do this repeatedly because the compliments will lose meaning.


Following these tips will help get you through the second date. However, you might want to practice by researching some new topics of conversation to make yourself sound interesting and interested in your new partner.