The common myth is that women want intimacy and relationship and that men want sex. The deeper truth is that both men and women want intimacy, relationship, and sex.

For men sex is much easier than building intimacy in a relationship and is a more natural starting point. Becoming deeply intimate over a movie or a bowl of cereal in the morning isn’t really that easy for anyone…

The truth is that the #1 set and setting for building intimacy in your relationship is in the bedroom.

Of course sex can be casual and completely physical. It can even be a financial transaction in a couple of states.

But sex CAN be much more than that, and learning the difference, learning how to channel your sexuality, your desire, and your erotic desires and the sexual desires of your partner into vehicles for intimacy is the most enjoyable, most fulfilling, and frankly, the EASIEST way to build real intimacy and depth in your relationship.

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